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As soon as Antonio touches down in Africa, he wants to get a hot piece of black pussy. There are bitches everywhere in the town, so he just strolls down to street level, picks up the first slut that appeals to him, and takes her back to his hotel room.

She’s a busty slut and he trains the camera on her cleavage as she sucks his cock POV style. At first Antonio was intent on just getting a blow job, but then he decides that he wants to have that cunt – raw, with no condom!

He screws the black slut from the back, making her moan as his big white cock touches her inner depths. She’s never had it so hard from a white man before!


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Sasha is a sexually aggressive black whore who pounces on Antonio as soon as she sees him on the street. He is immediately attracted to her fine figure, with her nice big natural tits virtually spilling out of her blouse.

Back at Antonio’s hotel room, Sasha sits in his lap in an extremely familiar fashion, reaching down between his thighs to idly stroke his semi erect penis in his jeans. Soon the dark slut has got a mouthful of white cock, and Antonio gets quite rough with her, holding her by the back of the head and making her gag on his cock.

She loves to be made to feel like a submissive slut by this dominant white guy!


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Antonio is in seventh heaven as he continues his African sex trip. Today the whore that he picks up is slender African slut Nadia.

This babe has got an outstanding body, extremely slim and toned but with great boobs and a firm ass. She is also a filthy slut, the kind who would fuck for free if cash wasn’t being offered! She gives her man an excellent kneeling blow job to begin with, and then she strips down to her white bra and panties.

She continues to suck, and then Antonio pulls her panties to one side so that he can screw her bald pussy with no condom. Nadia receives a sticky facial cumshot for her trouble!


African Fuck Tour


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Today Antonio is feeling lazy, so he lets sexy dark slut Bina do all the work, all the way.

Antonio just lies there in luxury on his bed as the girl goes to work, giving him an erotic hot massage and then jerking and sucking his cock until it is rock hard and pointing straight towards the sky.Then the sexy ebony whore gets on top, spreading her long legs and slowly easing the dribbling white cock into her tiny snatch.

Despite the fact that she is a professional whore, she’s not used to taking dicks of this magnitude and she struggles to get more than half of the penis inside her little hole at first. Soon she’s taking the full, erect length inside herself!


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White stud Antonio is lying on his bed, dozing, when he hears a knock on his hotel room door. It’s hot African hooker Sharmin, looking quite sexy in a short red dress.

She knows what to do, wordlessly pulling down her man’s jeans and getting down to some serious sucking business on his fat cock. At first Antonio is sleepy, content to just let the African whore work his pole, but he grows more aroused towards the end of the movie, getting on top and roughly rutting this ebony harlot likely dirty street whore that she is.

The cock goes back in her filthy mouth once Antonio is ready to finish and he spurts messily down her throat!


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Caucasian sex tourist Antonio wakes up desperate to get a load off, so he heads straight down to the street and picks up this sexy  and extremely young black hooker Marie. Back in the hotel room, the sexy prostitute gets down to business, sucking Antonio’s huge cock with no condom.

She is a horny little whore, quickly drenched between her legs, and she swings around unsolicited, burying her pussy in Antonio’s surprised face. He licks at her snatch, loving the taste of the bare, dirty pussy.

Marie shifts her weight down towards his crotch, sliding has unprotected cock into her nasty whore wet pussy. She rides her man until he spurts right inside her.


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Antonio has gone on a sex tour around Africa, and tonight he’s fucking an enthusiastic sexy whore right of the street. Her name is Aneesa, and she’s got a hot and toned tight body.

Unlike many African girls who have a tendency towards fatness, this babe has barely an ounce of extra pork on her. In true African fashion, she doesn’t like condoms, preferring the taste of a hot, raw dick in her mouth and that feeling of sperm in her pussy.

She gives Antonio an excellent deepthroating and then he fucks her from every angle; she spreads her legs wide, desperate for deep penetration in her hungry tight black pussy. She gets a faceful of sperm.


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Perverted stud Antonio has picked up another African slut, long-haired, slender babe Ann. This bitch loves big cocks, and when Antonio pulls his whopping man meat out of his pants, she gasps in surprise.

She is not used to white guys having cocks this big; whilst her African brothers all have massive members, this is the biggest white cock that she has ever seen in hear life! She licks her lips in anticipation before she goes down on her man, sucking him until she can taste the first drops of precum at the back of her throat.

Then she straddles her stud, lowering her tight black pussy down on the throbbing member and starting to ride up and down.


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The great thing about Africa is that these black sluts are hot and hungry – for dick and for cash! Antonio meets this gorgeous black girl Nadia in a restaurant, and as she strolls into the bathroom she casts a significant glance in his direction.

He follows her in a few moments later, locking the door behind him. He finds that sexy Nadia has aleady stripped down to her bra and panties, and she drops down to her knees to suck Antonio’s dick as he puts his camera down on the basin.

He ends up screwing sexy and petite Nadia right over the sink, doing her roughly from behind. Nadia takes his cock back in her mouth to swallow his tick sperm.


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After a long, drunken night at the club, euro stud Antonio gets home with African tart Jedan. She’s got a really hot body, with huge natural tits, a slender waist and a fine ass that is bursting out of her tight jeans.

Antonio is tired, almost falling asleep on the bed, but the black whore  is insatiable. She grinds her body all over her man, pulling his cock out of his pants and starting to suck; she’s got great oral skills and she obviously loves the big white cock!

Soon Antonio has a throbbing in his groin that can’t be ignored, so he lays out the wet, dirty bitch and screws her pussy good; the doggystyle sex is especially hot.